Oricon Corporation started in 1990 and is the only stone company in the Philippines whose business is to manufacture candle holders, oil burners & other products from natural stones. Each stone is handpicked and chosen for its beauty, structure and color. No two items are exactly similar. Each one is unique in shape.


Red Slab Pottery manufactures modern jars with simple silhouettes, carbonized and distressed with indigenous inspired engravings. It is based in the clay rich town of Victoria in the Province of Tarlac with a vision to develop community clay crafts that are inherent in the town into modern and contemporary decorative home wares and garden wares. continue reading : RED SLAB POTTERY


JSJ Goat Farm is the only accredited goat farm in the Province of Tarlac with the proper technology and technical know-hows of raising, not only nativegoat breeds, but imported ones as well. Mr. Jeffrey Lim, owner and breeder, first had the idea when a farmer refused to sell him a young goat for a friend’s continue reading : JSJ GOAT FARM