Primadeli Ristorante

If you ever find yourself in the Province of Tarlac, wanting a taste of continental cuisine, then you mustn’t leave until you’ve had dinner at Primadeli. Chef Karl James Mallari – born and raised with the humble beginnings of an original fast food chain, called King Burger, and an original steak house, called St. James continue reading : Primadeli Ristorante

Marfi`s Restaurant

An off-shoot of the popular Vilmar Restaurant in downtown Tarlac in 1950, Marfi’s Restaurant was born out of inspiration. A daughter of the Vilmar patriarch, Marifie Duaqui has supervised the rebirth of the family restaurant and called it Marfi’s, which serves the old restaurant’s signature taste-of-home dishes that helped make it famous throughout the decades. continue reading : Marfi`s Restaurant

KB Sizzlers and Simple Bites

King Burger or KB was established in 1982 along Espinosa Street,Tarlac City, even before famous fast food chains arrived in the Province of Tarlac. It began as a burger joint with patties that were prepared by the owners, themselves. Using an original recipe handed down from older generations, King Burger sure captured the interest of continue reading : KB Sizzlers and Simple Bites

Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Ever had a variety of dishes while schools of fish swim by your nipa hut? Isdaan Floating Restaurant earned its deserved recognition as having one of the most unique dining experiences in the Province of Tarlac because of the ambiance and structure. Built within a 6-hectare land, the currently 3-hectare (and still expanding) dining and continue reading : Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Kart City Tarlac

Ask one true-blooded Tarlaqueño about his favorite place – any Tarlaqueño who lives to appreciate great food, hang out with family and friends over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer, sing his heart out while his officemates cheer him on and seek fun and thrills in four wheels – and you’ll definitely continue reading : Kart City Tarlac


Javalogy (n) ‘dʒɑːvəe-lədʒi – Science of making coffee Looking for a place where combination of food and comfort exist? How about a new coffee experience? You get one of the hottest, up and coming hangout spots in Tarlac. Javalogy. It all started when Champage Mucharata decided to start a concept coffee shop in her home continue reading : Javalogy

Izakaya Cowan Grill

Japanese cuisine has never tasted this authentic! Izakaya Cowan has been serving Tarlaqueños and the Japanese residing in Luisita Industrial Park since 2002. To date, it stands as the only Japanese restaurant in the Province of Tarlac to originally be established by a true Tarlaqueño. The chef, Chef Nolan, with his 17 years of experience, continue reading : Izakaya Cowan Grill


In the serene and quiet Municipality of Lapaz in the Province of Tarlac stands a real fine gem – a resto-bar with food and poolside garden that will most definitely capture your taste buds and hearts. Established on March 22, 2013, Hamilton’s boasts to be the first fine dining experience in Caramutan, Lapaz, serving international continue reading : Hamilton’s

Good Earth

Feel like having pasta and chicken cooked in home-grown organic herbs and spices? There is one restaurant in San Pablo, Tarlac City just for you! Good Earth Restaurant has been serving its customers guilt-free comfort food since 2008. Its owner, Ms. Rowena Sotero, has perfected preparing Malunggay Pesto, Basil Pesto and Tomato and Tuyo sauces continue reading : Good Earth