Last October 23, 2017, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the collaborative efforts of the Provincial Government of Tarlac with our Provincial Director Belina Herman are working hand in hand to fulfill our duties as public servants of moving closer to our constituents and finding appropriate mechanisms and feasible means providing excellent services. This leads the way in the attainment of our main goal to become an epitome of professionalism, justness, and good governance.

Development processes such as Modernization and Innovation are accompanied by a great leap of change in our nation. This directly affects the different sectors, institutions, offices, communities, and the lives of us all.

In the midst of the devolved functions of the National Government, the mere intention of this project is to maximize the sole responsibilities of DILG in promoting peace and order in the country by ensuring public safety and strengthening the capabilities of the Local Government Units (LGUs) to deliver basic services to the citizenry with its optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Let us try to reflect, emulate, and imbibed the positive traits and values of those Highly-Industrialized countries of reiterating the philosophy of US President Roosevelt, “ ITS NOT WHAT WE HAVE THAT WILL MAKE US A GREAT NATION, IT IS THE WAY IN WHICH WE USE IT! “
As your Governor, I want you to remember my aspiration and goal of achieving TOTAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT emphasizing my advocacy of leading every Tarlaqueno in the realm of development.

Each of us has its own responsibility to attain all our development goals and objectives.
Each of you serves as a great partner of the government… a SOCIAL ENGINEER that will create positive changes in our society and an active participant in nation-building.

CONGRATULATIONS on this important milestone!
Thank You and Mabuhay!