Philosophy of Education

As a Salesian School, we believe that:

Education is the major key for the liberation and development of man to attain quality of life and to create a transformed improved society.

Liberation and development should be hand and hand. We liberate him from ignorance, sin, exploitation, poverty, and modern forms of slavery such as media manipulation, consumerism, and hedonism.

Education is an on-going process by which one seeks the fullness of life with his fellowmen. And its ultimate goal – salvation.

Education is life-long and should be a personal responsibility. The school must develop the attitude of a “yearning for learning” and the skills for life-long learning.

Education draws out the best of man’s giftedness, developing him as a total person. The human person’s physical, affective, intellectual, spiritual and social capabilities should be harmoniously developed.

Education requires the Educative Pastoral Community which creates a family atmosphere conducive to the growth of educators and students. The EPC is composed of the Salesians, teachers, parents, the young, and other collaborators. The family atmosphere is characterized by joy and optimism, acceptance, trust and confidence, interest for the common good, devotion to duty, mutual respect, order, leadership and collaboration.

Here in Don Bosco, we educate by evangelizing. And we evangelize by educating.

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Our Vision

We, the educative pastoral community of Don Bosco Tarlac, envision the young as servant-leaders in the church of the poor. Faithful to the teachings of St. John Bosco, we develop their giftedness and their power of choice to enable them to contribute to social transformation.

Our Mission

By being living witnesses, we commit ourselves to provide a holistic education within a culture of excellence, in the spirit of collaboration, and in the context of the preventive system.