Fiesta Island Seafood Hub, or more commonly known as F.I.S.H., is a Filipino restaurant owned by the Manila Catering Corporation. The restaurant offers a wide range of native Filipino dishes and provides its guests a unique island dining experience. F.I.S.H.’s overall concept is to bring the infamous festivals celebrated all over the different provinces of the Philippines to the busy streets of the metro.

Fiesta Island Seafood Hub (F.I.S.H.), a unique style-restaurant is a brainchild of a true blue hotelier and restaurateur.  Being a subsidiary of Manila Catering Corporation, which is in existence for 20 years, FISH is partnered with other leading food and service oriented businesses such as OUR KITCHEN, CAFÉ MAJA RICA and AZAYA HOTEL committed to provide a remarkable dining experience with it stress-free ambiance, making each visit a spectacular quick tour of the archipelago of the Philippines through its delectable dishes carefully selected to bring out the best of its province of origin.

Indeed a celebration of uniqueness of taste of our island flavors, from Pampanga’s Sisig selections, Visayas oysters down to Sinugba from Mindanao and more.  With its restaurant décor, FISH surely reflects a relaxed and care-free environment evocative of a favorite island escape.

(045) 985-0045 or (0917) 514-9213 / 8:00 am - 6:00 pm / MacArthur Highway, Gerona, Tarlac, Philippines /