Ever had a variety of dishes while schools of fish swim by your nipa hut?

Isdaan Floating Restaurant earned its deserved recognition as having one of the most unique dining experiences in the Province of Tarlac because of the ambiance and structure. Built within a 6-hectare land, the currently 3-hectare (and still expanding) dining and entertainment area is surrounded by man-made lagoons and ponds of Japanese Koi Fish, is decked with gigantic sculptures inspired by oriental and western cultures, is occupied by 50 nipa huts (4 of which are large enough to hold one party of 20) and is made even livelier by singing waiters and cooks.

Contrary to its name, however, Isdaan Floating Restaurant does not only serve seafood. In fact, their bestsellers include: crispy pata, fried to perfection; Lechong Tinupig na Manok, which is chicken marinated in coconut’s milk, wrapped within banana leaves and then grilled; and the taksiyapo appetizers – steamed vegetables and balut eggs that are extremely spicy. Their seafood bestseller is the Ginataang Alimango sa Buho (crab cooked in coconut’s milk inside a bamboo stem).

Though most Kapampangan, Ilocano, Tagalog and Japanese cuisines are served, Isdaan takes pride at the fact that a number of the dishes are the owner’s original recipes. A tidbit of information – Isdaan is a sister branch of Barrio Fiesta so you probably already have an idea as to how great the food is.

Entertainment during the weekends is at its peak. From the daily singing cooks and waiters, Isdaan then invites acrobat performers, magicians, cultural performers and comedians to make the stay of the customers worthwhile. This has made the restaurant one of the most visited restaurants in the province by families. As gratitude, Isdaan provides free henna tattoo and face paints for kids, free kiddie bicycles for riding within the area and fish food so kids could take joy in feeding the king and koi fish.

Isdaan is also the only restaurant in the province that entertains guests with regular games, like Ungguy-Ungguyan and Sankilo Bridge. The object of the Ungguy-Ungguyan game is to avoid getting wet from sprinkling water coming out of the giant monkey statues. Customers walk across a foot bridge, while carrying two half-filled buckets of water, and avoid falling into the lagoon in the Sankilo Bridge challenge. Both games award the winners a kilo of fresh fish.

The Taksiyapo Wall is its most famous entertainment. Not only does it gives you the fun of smashing plates on purpose, it also provides you the relief of stress and anger as you smash the plates unto a wall filled with labels – reasons for your stress. Examples of these labels are utang (loans), chismosa (gossipers) and some people you may hate.

Another attraction is the gold oriental god, where customers hold the god’s hand, make wishes and then ring the bronze bell for them to come true. It rests atop of a stone structure, overlooking a great part of the restaurant.

Recent additions to the experience are the Bata-Batuta area, where more games are afoot, and the lagoon, where customers can go boating.

Have families waiting for your return? Visit their Pasalubong Center!

Isdaan Floating Restaurant has recently expanded, putting up a branch in Laguna and then soon in Nueva Ecija. So whether it’s entertainment or food that your family is up for this weekend, visit one of the Isdaan Floating Restaurants and have fun!

(+63) 919-252-3342 / 8:00 am - 6:00 pm / MacArthur Highway, Gerona, Tarlac, Philippines / http://isdaan-parsolingan-ph.placestars.com