JSJ Goat Farm is the only accredited goat farm in the Province of Tarlac with the proper technology and technical know-hows of raising, not only nativegoat breeds, but imported ones as well.

Mr. Jeffrey Lim, owner and breeder, first had the idea when a farmer refused to sell him a young goat for a friend’s party, despite his offer of paying more than its true value. Apparently, the farmer wanted to raise the goat as something more for its meat. A businessman by blood, Mr. Lim began visiting government farms and facilities all over the country to learn about it some more.

In June 2001, Mr. Lim started raising and breeding native goats. During his scouts, he had come to find that different goat breeds yield different beneficial harvests. So he began raising and breeding imported breeds as well. In 2005, when the Australian Trade Commission organized a goat-buying mission and invited the GASPAT or the Goat and Sheep Producers Association of Tarlac, a solid group of Tarlac goat farmers that pioneered goat farming in the whole of the Philippines, he began importing goats from Australia.


Having all these goats within his farm, Mr. Lim ventured into producing milk and cheese in 2007, calling his products Aussie Pure Goat’s Milk. They offer fresh goat’s milk, feta cheese and white cheese, pastillas and cajetas to health-conscious consumers within the province and in Metro Manila. Most of those who buy the milk (available in 200ml and 500ml) are mothers who wish a healthier and fresher option than carabao’s milk or powdered milk, since it is believed to be next to a mother’s milk in terms of nutritional value. Also among his customers are the lactose-intolerant people, those with allergies and those with respiratory tract disorders.

Recipes for making these products are a result of Mr. Lim’s travels and his experimentations to fit each with the local taste. The cajetas, for instance, is a Mexican recipe. With a little adjustment and a few taste tests, he has come up with a dessert that the country fancies well. They also sell plastic floorings for goat houses.

The Goats and Sheep

To date, the farm has Anglo-Nubian, Boer and Saanen goat breeds, and Dorper sheep. Having the right facilities and know-hows, theseanimals receive no chemicals in their food or shots. All the medication the goats and sheep need is deworming, which is done to keep the body clean. All goats and sheep found inside their confinements are for sale at the right price.

The Facility

The animalsare confined within elevated houses of galvanized steel and plastic flooring, and with a system that considered the goat’s breed. Weather conditions and average temperatures, for instance, affect the imported ones. Some require full grazing, while others require full confinement. All these, Mr. Lim and his team researched carefully

The Investment

JSJ Farm has partnered with different agencies and LGUs, not only in providing imported goats to interested farmers, but also in training them how to raise and breed healthy ones. You may contact Mr. Lim on his email: jsjfarm@yahoo.com or visit his website: www.jsjfarm.com for more information on this.