Ask one true-blooded Tarlaqueño about his favorite place – any Tarlaqueño who lives to appreciate great food, hang out with family and friends over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer, sing his heart out while his officemates cheer him on and seek fun and thrills in four wheels – and you’ll definitely hear one household name: Kart City.

Inspired by stories of how famous racecar drivers started with go-karts, a group of friends who shared the passion for fun and adventure established Kart City or KCT in 2003. Little did they know that it would become a success story of their own.

KCT was first launched as a racing circuit. Having personal love for racing, the owners built a go-kart track flexible enough to accommodate routes that could bring the Formula-One kind of experience to Tarlac City. From mini races among friends, the happenings grew to regular activities where people dropped by to watch, and then grew further into events where people participated and stayed long enough to need food, thus paving the way for the KCT Convenience Store to turn into Chaps.

Sooner than the owners expected, the people of Tarlac embraced KCT well enough to unconsciously turn it into a hangout place, where beers and chips kept tables occupied for hours into the night; where get-togethers for snacks and races became dinners and chats. Chaps Grill served its customers for nearly a decade, and was then improved into Chaps Diner and Café, where Filipino and International Cuisines provided for the most comfortable dining experience; where pastas, pizzas, pastries and coffee gave the feeling of ease. A Trackside Grill opened thereafter to hold crowds beneath the open sky. Entertainment lounges provided spaces for karaoke and other affairs, never forgetting to develop the Game Room, where jokes and clean fun reverberated. And while many Tarlaqueños live their lives visiting KCT once in a while, a lot more see it as a home away from home; an avenue where life happens to be at most.

Years have passed and KCT still answers to the signs of times, to changes that Tarlac calls for. Go-karting still highlights the place, but you have to stay tuned as more is in store. So if you ever pass by the Province of Tarlac, stay a night and spend a dynamic evening at Kart City, Tarlaqueños’ favorite place to be!

(045) 491-4053 / Opens at 3:00 pm / MacArthur Highway, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines