King Burger or KB was established in 1982 along Espinosa Street,Tarlac City, even before famous fast food chains arrived in the Province of Tarlac. It began as a burger joint with patties that were prepared by the owners, themselves. Using an original recipe handed down from older generations, King Burger sure captured the interest of Tarlaqueños.

As the years went by, KB shifted into a fast food chain that already incorporated noodles and sizzlers into its menu, thus making it KB Sizzlers. Now, its bestsellers include: Chicken alaPobre, sizzling chicken served with buttered vegetables, rice and original KB gravy; and Chicken Diablo, same sizzling chicken but spicier.

Simple Bites, KB’s sister food chain, serves almost the same burgers and sizzlers but with a different twist. Sausages, being its specialty, Simple Bites providesTarlaqueños a whole new fast food experience that incorporates international taste.

So if you’re ever in the Province of Tarlac and you crave for original recipe burgers, drop by KB Sizzlers and have fun!

(045) 493 0497 / Open 24 hours / F. Tanedo Tarlac, Tarlac 2300