An off-shoot of the popular Vilmar Restaurant in downtown Tarlac in 1950, Marfi’s Restaurant was born out of inspiration.

A daughter of the Vilmar patriarch, Marifie Duaqui has supervised the rebirth of the family restaurant and called it Marfi’s, which serves the old restaurant’s signature taste-of-home dishes that helped make it famous throughout the decades.

Customers, both loyal and curious to Vilmar’s culinary-touch, have been frequenting Marfi’s since its opening in 2012 along the Fairlane-San Sebastian access road. The 25-30 capacity restaurant prides itself in serving its all-time bestsellers pusit, paksiw na bangus, kare-kare, dinuguan and palabok, among other lutong bahay (home-cooked) staples.

For reservations or special occasions, you may contact Marfi’s at (045) 493 0434.

(045) 493 0434 / 7:00 am - 8:00 pm / Fairlane, San Sebastian, San Vicente Diversion Rd., Tarlac City, 2300 Tarlac, Philippines