In 1965, Mr. James “Jimmy” Urquico and Atty. Renato Dungca, two respected Tarlaqueños, put together a brand that was home to a delicious chicken barbeque. Little did they know that URDU, drawn from Urquico and Dungca, would also later be known as one of the province’s household names for chocolate cakes and pastries.

Two years after it was conceived, Atty. Dungca transferred to Manila for work and sold his shares to his partner, making the Urquico family the sole proprietors. To date, the second generation of Urquico families runs the business, opening it as a restaurant-bakeshop in 1994.

Strategically located at the heart of Tarlac City, right across the city plazuela, you would not expect the food to be home-cooked and the desserts to be home-baked. Not only have the recipes seen two generations, they have been well-researched, well-mixed and blended to fit local taste and then well-preserved.

In fact, the eldest daughter of Mr. Jimmy Urquico, Ms. Joy Urquico, personally runs the bakeshop. Her mother’s side of the family has contributed a great deal to what the Province now knows as one of the best-tasting chocolate cakes, revel bars and cassava cakes. Urdu also serves a variety of viands, sandwiches, pastas and pancit, from breakfast to dinner.

Whether you’re planning to hold occasions with the family, dine in with your special loved ones, hang out with your friends, or simply take orders to go, Urdu’s doors are always open for you.

(045) 982 2981 / 8:00 am - 9:00 pm / P. Burgos St, Tarlac City, Tarlac