The V.E.S. started as a small food house. Opening its doors for business in January 5, 1994, V.E.S. is the talk of the town when it comes to authentic sizzling, exotic Filipino cuisine and elegant yet affordable catering services.

The simplicity of the stead’s entrance disguises V.E.S’ true flair. Set with a rustic ambience, it has a laid-back feel, a lagoon, and a garden landscape with a fountain to compliment it. V.E.S is a break from the conventional attraction.

The V.E.S. has thread the boundaries of being a restaurant alone. It has expanded its services to catering and functions, bordering from weddings to birthdays, and even corporate retreats.

The Kapampangan way of life truly manifests in the restaurant. It is actually a lifestyle. The V.E.S. Gardens has six concept dining areas: the Dining Hall, Eds’ Pavilion, Eivee’s Garden, MJ’S Garden, VES Hall, and VES Mini Hall. Each area can cater different tastes but their common denomination really is its enjoyable menu and classic catering services.

Their growing patrons are government employees within the area, walk-in customers and tourists. They cater to complete wedding packages, debuts, baptisms, acquaitance parties, kiddie parties, corporate and company seminars that completely suites your budget.

V.E.S. has recently introduced the Tres Marias Bed and Breakfast. This bed and breakfast is perfect for overnight stays if you happen to feel like resting and do away with driving any further for the night. The price range from 800.00php – 2,000.00php overnight and it comes with FREE breakfast, and it’s a steal!

Setting aside great dishes and relaxing bed and breakfast, V.E.S. has recently opened Sta. Catalina Memorial Park at O’donell, Capas, Tarlac. Sta. Catalina is committed to provide the residents of the city and its nearby towns the best, cleanest, and most modern memorial park that the industry can offer.

Your dreams are made to last only here at V.E.S.!

(+63) 917-800-0532 / 6:30 am - 9:00 pm / 588 VES FOOD,Sto.Domingo II Capas, Tarlac 2315 /