The Province of Tarlac is led by its Local Chief Executive, the Governor. The Legislative body is headed by the Vice Governor (Presiding Officer) along with the 10 regular Sangguniang Panlalawigan Members as well as Local Special Bodies. Provincial Administration and operation is carried out through the provincial offices that ensure the delivery of services to all sectors of society.

Managing the human resources is geared towards a desired end which is the desirable organizational performance and productivity. The Provincial Government sees to it that all employees are all capable in the performance of their duties through capability building programs and attendance to seminars and workshop which enhance their knowledge and capabilities in the delivery of functions and services.


The Provincial Government of Tarlac (PGT) commences its journey towards best practices in strategic performance management system wherein all PGT employees have a specific role in being a dynamic instrument and vibrant catalyst in public service that fosters excellence in promoting the people’s welfare through our pillars of development namely, education – health – food sufficiency – employment – and environment, creating then a culture of professionalism, accountability, and good governance.

As employees help each other in actualizing ‘Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development’, PGT’s bureaucracy is transformed to a high quality service organization in terms of high performance and attainment of concrete goals. “What’s good for each Tarlaqueño is always the priority of each PGT Employee.”

As PGT ensures its commitment in securing consistent development in performance and government functions, this year marks the readiness to address issues that will enable out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities in Tarlac Capitol as well as aspects in rating and evaluating each employees’ performance.

All employees of PGT are public servants who are faithful to their oath to be the best employees in the government that maximize production, cultivate good work ethics, and become instrument for change, innovation, and new ways of rendering service to all.

This is always what PGT is – “Public office is a public trust.”