The current government focus on more physical and tangible aspects of development through master planning of Tarlac within urban and industrial development – Tarlac Investments Promotion – and various Industrial Enterprises. It is the vision of Provincial Government of Tarlac (PGT) to improve the life of every Filipino through quality infrastructure under Gov. Susan A. Yap’s 3-year term as governor.

The main aim is to provide and manage quality infrastructure facilities and services responsive to the needs of the Tarlaqueños in the pursuit of economic development in the province. One of the main thrusts on Public Infrastructure Construction is on facilitating efficient and effective economy within Tarlac. PGT through PEO and PPDO develop infrastructure facilities and secure all public works and highways in their highest efficiency and quality in construction. Safety is given importance to ensure that these infrastructures are safe for the public to use.

Tarlac started opening itself up for Investors and investments to further develop the Local Economy. We can now offer Tarlac to various investors through Master Planning. One of Tarlac’ major aim in governance is to ensure that sustainable development is achieved as the province provide advancement in grassroots entrepreneurship, local development, interregional trade relations, export of Tarlac’s products abroad, business innovation and excellence, as well as operating efficiency.

Because of urban development, people demand for planned space for residential and commercial use. The government has to prepare land space for residential and commercial use to accommodate all stakeholders and contributors to the growth of the local economy. Tarlac can be a Counter-Magnet to NCR through urban and industrial development.