The practice of promoting transparency and accountability in government agencies follows the main thrust in serving the people first, giving priority to all basic services and primary targets of the current administration.

The following are the components of Gov. Susan A. Yap's Administration for Good Governance & People’s Participation.

First, In the general services to the public, all government programs ensure positive results and impact, promotion of people’s participation and empowerment, innovation, transferability and sustainability, and efficiency of program service delivery.

Through the help of national government, LGUs, and Civil Society, Tarlac achieved throughout the years social, economic, technological, political and institutional sustainable development aiming for a genuine inclusive growth.

This is where inclusive people’s participation in local governance with performance-based output comes in for all employees of PGT and Tarlac Capitol.

Wide people’s participation is manifested in all Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs) participation in decision making through the Local Special Bodies and CSOs involvement in local development projects.

The Provincial Government of Tarlac is advocating for a quick channeling and exchange of information with the provincial constituents and a wider participation of the Tarlaqueños to ensure effective delivery of services.

As of now, transparency in governmental process is remarkable ensuring efficient and fast delivery of basic services. Engaging the citizens and CSOs in local governance has achieved an admirable level of maturity following a multi-stakeholder approach to any program of the government.

Tarlac adapting the framework of Good Governance produce an efficient service delivery of basic government services as well as effective leadership focusing on human capital development, growth of local economy, sustainable development, transparency and accountability, as well as environmental protection.