Our goal is for Inclusive Growth that no Tarlaqueo is to be left behind and that our government is characterized by peoples participation in good governance, responsible leadership, sustainable development, and equal opportunity for all. This is our vision that we need to achieve in the next three (3) years. My aspiration for a brighter future.

In our province, we give priority to human capital development. Moving forward towards development, Tarlacs Executive and Legislative Agenda then is in line with my five pillars of government namely, Kabuhayan Kalikasan Pagkain Edukasyon Kalusugan (Employment Environment Food Security Education and Health) rendered to all Tarlaqueos. Our thrust has always been Tao Muna where the priority is the upliftment of every Tarlaqueo. Our mantra has always been to provide basic necessities and services to the poor and to remove them from the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

As part of the governance framework, we take into consideration government programs with positive results and impact, promotion of peoples participation and empowerment, innovation, transferability and sustainability, and efficiency of program service delivery. Through a multisectoral approach including all stakeholders – national government, LGUs, and Civil Society, we can achieve social, economic, technological, political and institutional sustainable development emphasizing inclusive growth.
Finally, I urge all of us in government, elected or otherwise, to keep in mind and in our heart our mantra, TAO MUNA by efficiently and effectively delivering the basic services our people aspire and deserve. May we achieve brighter future ahead through our Executive Legislative Agenda in the coming years.

Thank you and Mabuhay ang Tarlac!

Gov. Susan A. Yap
Provincial Government of Tarlac