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Who would’ve known that a small, quiet Gawad Kalinga Village in Victoria, Tarlac is home to locally produced bikes made out of bamboo? On July 6, 2009, bamboo bike designer and pioneer Craig Calfee visited the Philippines and conducted a one-week training workshop on bamboo bicycle frame building to select interested parties at the Yap Farm in San Jose, Tarlac. Bambike owner Bryan Benitez McClelland quickly learned the process of making bike frames with bamboo and abaca fiber, and experimented and tested on different frame types like roadies, fixies, mountain bikes and beach cruisers


As part of the One Town One Product Program of the Provincial Government of Tarlac, the Municipality of Moncada puts its sweet potato harvests to innovative use – fine wine. Sweet potato products in Moncada began in 2004. Under then-MayorLita Aquino’s administration, sweet potato delicacies were produced and sold in the market, but only until 2007. In 2010, selected employees of the local government under Mayor Benito Aquino were sent to learn about the basics of winemaking at the Tarlac College of Agriculture in Camiling, Tarlac; thus, the birth of Don Benito Sweet Potato Wine.


JSJ Goat Farm is the only accredited goat farm in the Province of Tarlac with the proper technology and technical know-hows of raising, not only nativegoat breeds, but imported ones as well. Mr. Jeffrey Lim, owner and breeder, first had the idea when a farmer refused to sell him a young goat for a friend’s party, despite his offer of paying more than its true value. Apparently, the farmer wanted to raise the goat as something more for its meat. A businessman by blood, Mr. Lim began visiting government farms and facilities all over the country to learn about it some more.


What began as a buy-and-sell system of pots, jars and clay cooking wares in 2005 soon became a full-scale industry of export-quality products. Through the hard work and determination of Mr. and Mrs. Pascasio, full-blooded Tarlaqueños, Pascasio Pottery has rapidly become a known manufacturer of a wide array of terra cotta jars and pots creatively molded and intricately decorated to fit any ornamental purpose.Uniquely designed, each product serves as a centerpiece of trade fairs and exhibits, attracting onlookers and buyers from all over the country.


Wood Inspirations Crafts is primarily a family enterprise by husband-and-wife team Glenn and BlesPascual, which began in December of 2002. The enterpriseadopted the American folk arts theme, but after various exhibit and trade fair exposures through time, its products graduated to a more contemporary and original homegrown designs,using indigenous materials such as abaca and bamboo.


What once was a backyard ornamental tree favored for its fragrant flowers became a viable income-generating project for the Municipality of Anao. Initiated by then-Governor Mar Ocampo in 1989 under the Rural Industrialization Can Happen (RICH) Project, each incumbent mayor of the municipality to date has given their unending support to ensure project sustainabilityThe project then became known as Sustainable Livelihood Program and Environment Resource Management of the Anao Ylang Ylang, the main source of Ylang Ylang essential oil and Ylang Ylang perfumes in the province of Tarlac.