JSJ Goat Farm

JSJ Goat Farm is the only accredited goat farm in the Province of Tarlac with the proper technology and technical know-hows of raising, not only nativegoat breeds, but imported ones as well.

Mr. Jeffrey Lim, owner and breeder, first had the idea when a farmer refused to sell him a young goat for a friend’s party, despite his offer of paying more than its true value. Apparently, the farmer wanted to raise the goat as something more for its meat. A businessman by blood, Mr. Lim began visiting government farms and facilities all over the country to learn about it some more.

In June 2001, Mr. Lim started raising and breeding native goats. During his scouts, he had come to find that different goat breeds yield different beneficial harvests. So he began raising and breeding imported breeds as well. In 2005, when the Australian Trade Commission organized a goat-buying mission and invited the GASPAT or the Goat and Sheep Producers Association of Tarlac, a solid group of Tarlac goat farmers that pioneered goat farming in the whole of the Philippines, he began importing goats from Australia.