What began as a buy-and-sell system of pots, jars and clay cooking wares in 2005 soon became a full-scale industry of export-quality products.

Through the hard work and determination of Mr. and Mrs. Pascasio, full-blooded Tarlaqueños, Pascasio Pottery has rapidly become a known manufacturer of a wide array of terra cotta jars and pots creatively molded and intricately decorated to fit any ornamental purpose.Uniquely designed, each product serves as a centerpiece of trade fairs and exhibits, attracting onlookers and buyers from all over the country. After all, its product designs, which come in a unique blend of beauty, simplicity, grace and elegance, unmistakably shout the Tarlaqueño pride.

Sweet potatoes from five different barangays in Moncada are naturally processed and fermented to produce two varieties of wine – Classic Dry and Fruit Blend, both with 13.6% alcohol content.Now improving its facilities with the help of the Department of Science and Technology, the local government of Moncada aims to mass produce sweet potato wine and come up with more globally competitive varieties in the future.

With its superb quality, Pascasio now supplies Japan’s demand for garden pots and is slowly closing deals overseas. So if you happen to pass by Tarlac in search of something to brighten up your house or office, visit Pascasio Pottery and see what they have to offer.