What once was a backyard ornamental tree favored for its fragrant flowers became a viable income-generating project for the Municipality of Anao. Initiated by then-Governor Mar Ocampo in 1989 under the Rural Industrialization Can Happen (RICH) Project, each incumbent mayor of the municipality to date has given their unending support to ensure project sustainability.

The project then became known as Sustainable Livelihood Program and Environment Resource Management of the Anao Ylang Ylang, the main source of Ylang Ylang essential oil and Ylang Ylang perfumes in the province of Tarlac.

Made with 30% Ylang Ylang essential oil, each bottle is mixed with other essential oils by the trained locals to produce scents that are undeniably floral and uniquely Tarlac

Here are some of the benefits of the Ylang Ylang flower:

• Anti-depressant; lifts the mood
• Relaxes the muscles
• Aphrodisiac
• Sedative
• Hypertensive remedy
• Regulates oily and dry skin
• Stimulates hair growth
• Balances the hormones
• Regulates adrenaline
• Fights fatigue
• Treats intestinal infection and impotence
• Relaxes the body during massage and bath
• Provides relaxing scent

There’s never a reason not to try the Ylang Ylang scents. Buy a bottle or two the next time you visit Anao, the most wonderfully scented municipality in the Province of Tarlac.