Betty’s Native Cakes

What a lot of people do not know about this family-owned enterprise is that its humble beginnings came from just selling off the sidewalk of Tarlac’s public market. And just like every other business manned by determined and goal-oriented people, it soon became a household name to delectable and original native Filipino cakes and rice cakes.

Betty’s has been serving its specialties since 1972 and is now with more than 50 branches all over Luzon. Known for its Putong Kapit, Bibingkang Nasi and Duman, it became even more popular when owner Beatriz Junio took these local delicacies to the next level, serving native cakes in totally different ways.

One of these innovative takes is the Kapit Roll, where we see latik as a filling instead of having it as the usual kakanin topping. If that isn’t enough to invite your appetites to visit, you must then hear about Betty’s Duman, which is topped with a special white sauce, instead of the usual latik.

Any Filipino gathering is said to be incomplete without native cakes. Here in Tarlac and in our neighbouring provinces, we say that no special gathering is a gathering without any of Betty’s special cakes.

So the next time you visit, or the next time you see a Betty’s stall near your area, try a slice of their products! You might find yourself bringing a box or two on your way home.