Tarlac Montessori School is a Catholic institution for boys and girls whose indoctrination with the words of God is mirrored in his / her honest, unselfish and dignified relationship with others. Guided by the principles and instructed under the methods of Maria Montessori, who regarded the child as a “great eternal grace which enters the family” and “exercise a formative influence on the adult world”, every pupil / student of Tarlac Montessori School should play his/her part as a member of the TMS family in order to ensure a harmonious relationship within the TMS community.

As a community, TMS is guided by principles, rules and policies as contained in this handbook. As a member of the TMS community, every pupil / student are bound to abide by the policies stated within, whether during regular school days or Summer Enrichment Program (Remediation Classes, College Entrance Review, Sports Clinic, Music Lessons) and at any given time as long as the activity is school related.


Tarlac Montessori was established last 1987 at its first site at Masagana Building, F. Tañedo Street with its initial enrollees of 30 pupils in nursery and kindergarten/ After a year, the number of enrollees double. In 1989 the school transferred to M.H. del Pilar Street with 180 enrollees and Grade One level was added. That same year TMS held the first Stepping Up Ceremonies. The next year TMS opened the San Sebastian extension building to address the growing population of the school. In 1991 the San Sebastian building expanded having another wing; the school added the grade three level with a total of 328 enrollees. It was in the same year that the government granted recognition for preschool department. A year after, the San Sebastian extension building expanded into a two-storey building for it addedd the grade four level with a total of 394 enrollees.

In 1993, TMS joined for the first time TAPSA Academic, Literary and Musical Competitions where they won second place with only grade four and grade five contestants. To accodomate the rapid growth of population,, TMS constructed the new school building at a two-hectare lot in La Puerta Del Sol Hi-Land Subdivision in 1995. It was in the same year that it had the first grade school commencement exercuse with 21 graduates. In was in 1996 that the new school building was inaugurated, opening the high School Department with 38 first year student and 13 second year students. The total school population then was 755 and the first PTC was organized, the same year that TMS humbly produced their official magazine called “HARK”.

In 1998 TMS hosted TAPSA and became the Overall Champion in the elementary level and it coincided with the establishment of the TMS Boy Scout Movement and the heart of the student body, the Student Council. In the next 16 years, the school continued to celebrate their excellence by joining and winning numerous competitions which really made TMS one of the brightest schools in the whole region. In 2012, TMS celebrated its 25th anniversary as an Educational Institution which is proof of their undying service to God and society.

At present, TMS continues its tradition of excellence and legacy by innovating methodologies, techniques, and strategies that can face the challenges of the fast changing world. Having God as their model of excellence, TMS will continue to glorify God by continually educating children for life!


We believe that transformative education is man’s ultimate medium towards fullness. It is through education with purpose that we become fully conscious of our own creative potentials. These potentials allow us to discover ourselves, our identity, our being. Our introspective journeys create possibilities that make us aware and participative in critical issues and challenges of our times.

In Tarlac Montessori School, we give premium to excellence in our collective efforts to achieve our desired future. Our student-centered classrooms are blessed places where knowledge-based concepts are processed to become effective instruments of humanization. Through our programs students are trained to be lifelong learners, persons for others, caretakers of the environment and advocates of social transformation. God is our center, our Light, our Model.


A 21st century-oriented school community empowering its learners to grow in mind and in heart for the society and for the glory of God.


We commit ourselves to promote academic excellence through a contextualized curriculum that addresses the needs of the 21st century learners, to strive for personal transformation anchored on faith and spirituality and to advocate co-existence as an essential component of transformative education.


  • To widen access to quality private education
  • To provide varied learning experiences and situations that enable the students to acquire knowledge and technical skills necessary to perform authentic or real-life tasks
  • To engage the students into meaningful co- and extra-curricular activities that support their holistic development
  • To intensify faith formation as core of the curriculum
  • To create and nurture program that promote care for the environment and deep concern for other people and the society in general


  • Christ-centeredness
  • Empowerment Through Lifelong Learning
  • Personal Transformation
  • Social Engagement
  • Harmony with Nature