Tarlac Sights

Calao Falls

Brgy. Nambalan, Mayantoc

For a 30-minute river trek, you’ll be able to reach the first of two 20-ft waterfalls in the Calao River. Stay in awe as you’re surrounded by an abundance of fruit bearing trees, mahogany and tropical pine tree as well as flowers and shrubs during the trek.

Mt. Tangisan

Sitio San Pedro, San Jose

An imposing mountain standing just beside the Abelling community om Sitio San Pedro – Mt. Tangisan is the playground for both day-hikers and overnight climbers. Standing at 490 meters above sea level, this mountain destination is perfect for hiking and rappelling beginners.

Mt. Telakawa

Sta. Juliana, Capas


Billed as the next best thing along Crow Valley next to Mt.Pinatubo, Mt. Telakawa is the alternative mountain destination for visitors who are up to a more extreme hiking challenge. Standing proudly at 630 meters above sea level, “Telakawa” literally means “a pot placed upside down” because of its shape. You may start your trek at the Aeta community of Dalig and possibly chance upon freshwater turtles at a creek on the way to the summit. Once at the top, get treated to a stunning view of the lahar landscape that both acts as a playground and farm to market road for many.

Sikwako River Pool

Sitio Sta. Rosa, Brgy. Nino, Bamban

An awesome combination of water and limestone, the trek to the falls pool of the Sikwako River provides a combination of captivating visuals and relaxing scenery that only the trail can offer. Stumble upon a cascading falls in the middle of the river trek, halfway through to the Sikwako Falls. As you arrive, a set of horizontally-lined small falls will greet you as the water drops down on a circular-pool of sandy river bed will greet you.

Duglo Falls

Sitio San Pedro, San Jose

On the way to Duglo Falls, several mini waterfalls in the middle of a forest, and an array of sounds from different bird species and from the rushing water of the river, may be encountered. After an hour of river trekking, the 40-foot cascading waterfalls of Duglo Falls greet you upon your entry into a mixture of limestone and greenery.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater

Sta. Juliana, Capas

Believed to be the sacred abode of the Aetas’ Apu Namalyari, Mt. Pinatubo has rapidly became a renowned tourist destination since its eruption in 1992. The adventure begins in the quiet community of Sta. Juliana, Capas where 4×4 vehicles are readily availablej for the hour-long ride. Choose your kind of adventure as you embark on a foot trail- be it on a 2-hour or 30-minute trail, the hike to the crater presents an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the lahar landscapes along the river and the spectacular view of the volcano’s crater.