This is the main registration site for visitors who wish to trek, bike, or ride to Mt. Pinatubo Crater, Tambu Lake, and Mt. Talakawa.

Contact person: Ms. Marissa Vidal (Capas Tourism Officer)
Contact number: +63 918 962 3149/ +63 918 285 3019

Bueno Falls

Who would have thought that in the quiet Aeta community of Bueno in Capas hide some of Tarlac’s natural rarities?

Embark on a 30-minute hike from the Bueno Community towards the Bueno Falls for a quick dip and shower on its 20-foot drop. If that is not enough, find yourself relaxing from a therapeutic body massage or hilot from trained indigenous folks and from the natural Bueno Hot Springs that was born from the volcanic heat of the Mt. Pinatubo 10 kilometers away.

Mt. Telakawa

Billed as the best thing along Crow Valley next to Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Telakawa is the alternative mountain destination for visitors who are up to a more extreme hiking challenge. “Telakawa” literally means “a pot placed upside down.” The mountain, which proudly stands at 630 meters above sea level, is named as such because of its shape.

Tambu Lake

Visit a natural lagoon that's accidentally created out of lahar, river water and agricultural land!

Before the Mt. Pinatubo erupted, Tambu Lake was formerly a stretch of rice paddies. Now a source of aquatic resource for Aetas living around it, it has been deemed as a potential site for still water paddling and fishing activities.

Mt. Pinatubo Lake

The possibility of seeing endless expanse of ash unfolding in your line of vision is 100% guaranteed. If you’re looking for some hiking action coupled with the thrill of perhaps getting buried under tons of lahar, welcome to Mt Pinatubo. Mt Pinatubo has been a popular hiking spot of the country. It’s friendly to the weak knees and kind to the non-hikers. It promises the beautiful and peaceful Pinatubo lake at the end of the 2-hour hike.